To Baby With Love

Thump thump. A heartbeat—a vital sign of the life that was growing in my womb. His arms flailed and his legs kicked. I was as elated as he was alive. However at 23rd week, he arrived prematurely and left me with a hole in my heart.

What did I learn even in the midst of my trials and how I march forward bravely…

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What To Baby With Love Teaches

In every project, every job you take up, there is bound to be challenges ahead.

The question is: are you prepared for it, are you ready and expecting it, expected the unexpected.

If your answer is yes, my question to you is what if the outcome didn’t turn out to your expectation?

Can you still be positive?

The 3 most important tips you’ll learn:

  1. Stay positive even when you have nothing to look forward to
  2. Expect challenges even BEFORE it comes
  3. Share-write is a sure way to heal

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Art of Life (AOL) was created to incorporate my past, present and future journey. More importantly AOL advocated living a life to its fullest. It is to make your life an expression of who you are, what you believe, and your hopes, dreams and desires.

About The Author

Felicia Tan
Author, Speaker, Blogger

Felicia Tan comes from a humble family. Being the eldest daughter, she is used to working her way through life to achieve what she wants. After graduating with a Diploma in Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications, she went on to work at a semiconductor company that she was bonded to. It was at this place that she met her husband and their story began to unfold.

Unhappy with her job, she worked hard to study part-time so that she could join the graphic design industry. Having witnessed the hardship that her mum had to go through when she was an employee, Felicia eventually started her own design company so that she could enjoy the flexibility to look after her own children one day.

A few years after her marriage, she and her husband decided to start planning for a family. Unfortunately, fate had it that it was difficult for her to conceive. But she refused to give up. Follow her on this poignant, personal journey as she overcame the odds to strive towards her goals, and found joy, pain and healing along the way.

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Book Reviews

This book is narrated with such transparency that, i believe it must have been an extremely painful writing process, having to recall the unfortunate event over and over again. Not many would have the courage to do so. Not me at least.


Finished the book and would like to encourage you on your TTCing quest for a baby. While is it so easy for others, some, on the other hand, take a whole lot of effort and endless tears just to have a precious bundle of joy. You are not alone..

”Therefore we do not lose heart”
2 Corinthians 4:16

For I am sure our rainbow babies will come in time.


Hi, finished reading your book on the train. Shed tears feeling the essence of the love and bond of your family. I’m sure that’s the gift that Dominic and the twins gave to you and your hubby, LOVE and wanting you to share the love to others.

I trust and pray that God will give you a healthy baby in His divine timing.

Keep going. Remember we are never given more than what we can handle. The challenges are the faith God has in us. Yes, there are times that I wish He didn’t have so much faith in me, “Why me again?”.