Lost And Found

Thump thump. Two heartbeats and a squeal of happiness. But double joy soon turned into twin tragedies when I delivered my sons—one alive, the other one we hope to save came shortly after—at 21st week. I had lost three babies in a year. My heartache was tri-fold.

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What Lost And Found Teaches

After publishing the 2 books, more people came forward to share with me their stories, gynae or TCM support. I thought I was helping other yet indirectly, a wider net was thrown to find a solution to my problem.

As a result, I was able to find my high risk gynae!

The 3 most important tips you’ll learn:

  1. The Solution, like any relationship, always has room for Improvement
  2. There is no problem too Big to Solve
  3. Lift others who need help too

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Art of Life (AOL) was created to incorporate my past, present and future journey. More importantly AOL advocated living a life to its fullest. It is to make your life an expression of who you are, what you believe, and your hopes, dreams and desires.

About The Author

Felicia Tan
Author, Speaker, Blogger

Felicia Tan is an ordinary girl with a simple dream – to be able to raise a family and spend time with her children. After getting married in 2004, she started her own business and planned her life towards having a family of her own in time to come. However, things didn’t go as planned. It was not as if you could push a button and pop a baby. After encountering two miscarriages, she came to realise that she could plan to the best of her ability but whatever happens lies in God’s hands.

Her story is both sad and depressing, and some may even say hopeless, but everyone has a choice; a choice to stay positive and be happy or dwell in self-pity and be sad.

To have conceived and then twice miscarried, and to embrace the outcomes and try again is to make a choice. Felicia is an optimistic person who believes that the best is yet to come and she is preparing herself to be ready for it. Are you prepared to embrace your life choices?

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Book Reviews

An inspiring book which journalled the journey of ups and downs of Felicia’s desire to be a mother! I just couldn’t stop to read this new book of hers and finished it within much delay.

Felicia, I’m humbled by your courage and perseverance to go through the many procedures and pains. Indeed every time I got to see you, you always present yourself a strong, steady and happy go lucky woman. Your journey touched me and it will also touched many who has and yet to read your new book..

Fwee Lin

Hi Felicia,

Thank you & I acknowledge your being & presence for putting out your parenting journey. As you’ve put it aptly, it’s a closure for you. I felt completeness in your writing and experience a sort of groundedness and completion.

Your story had gave me another insight into how a completion of a relationship is rarely measured by time but by moments (the famous quote from Hilary Cooper). I thank you.

Beyond best.

July Tang

Lost And Found is certainly an inspiring book and a ray of hope for couples, who are going through similar phase in their lives. It is where hope and love are bound together strongly to overcome all that emotional affliction.

I am touched by your grit and determination through your parenting journey. As an old saying says after rain there is a rainbow, and after a ending there is a new beginning, I trust that your new beginning will be completed with a happy ending. Keep walking boldly, Felicia.