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The Eligibility Test

✔ Are you in any of the category of a mother-to- be, a mother, a wife or a daughter in law?
✔ Do you want to have energy every single day amidst your roles at home and work?
✔ Do you want to have more time for yourself?
✔ Do you want to have confidence and be stronger as a woman?

If your answers to these questions is a ‘YES’


It is not a coincidence that you’re here right now and this could mean something to you! One thing for sure, you are here because you want to make a change and become a better version of yourself!

Our vision is to Embrace, Envision and Empower women
and aspiring mothers.

I’m super excited for you as this journey you are about to embark is going to be life changing! It’s time to give yourself a chance so you can become the better version of yourself today!

What You Will Get!

✔ Zero risk! I have applied these strategies on myself and witnessed success, I’m super confident that it works for you too!
✔ My 100% commitment to guide you in your growth!
✔ Understand what your life mission is for yourself towards motherhood!
✔ Learn to acknowledge your body and its signs so you know how to self-care, love and heal!
✔ A community of like-minded mums to build each other up through sharing and learning from each other’s failures and successes!

Here's how it’s going to work...

Before and during the coaching sessions, I will ask you reflective and powerful questions about your progress and share practical strategies that are customised to your phases in life and its struggles.

I will focus on the 2 key success elements in every coaching session:

  • Unlock what you believe about yourself with the “Supermum Mentality”

  • Transform what others believe about you as the hero in the family

What others said about me…

4 years ago, my husband and I started blogging about our stillbirth experience ( I first got to know Felicia through the “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Singapore” Facebook Group and we later met in person with a couple of fellow group members in a sharing session. I am really thankful to have met Felicia through my darkest days in life – without meeting her and a couple of ladies in the group, I wouldn’t have that courage to walk through the darkness and be who I am today.

– Deanna Lim, a happy mother of two rainbow babies

I’m a mummy of three. I have two amazing boys here with me and a sweetest little girl in Heaven.

When I delivered Elia on Christmas 2017, I can only imagine the silence in the room and my husband’s tears. She was perfect in so many ways. 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. She was a copy of her big brothers but with a big touch of pink. 38 wonderful weeks were all we had with her on this side of Heaven.

I got to know Felicia through sharing our stories. Similar yet different. Looking at her and knowing her have helped me visualise a life ahead, knowing that I can still hope and live. Personally, it is still a lonely journey, but it helps when someone holds your hands and your heart in prayers and let you know that it’ll be okay. Thank you Fel.

– Tina, mother of three

Your investment?

From now till 19 July, you can enjoy a special offer price of
$96 per month or $3.20 per day.
That’s 25% off!

If you want to save more, you can choose to pay an annual fee of $1056
(Pay 11 months and get 1 month FREE!)
That is 31.25% off or $88 per month!

Are you ready to transform yourself through this life changing journey? Because if you have thought about it and not sure where to start, I will hand hold guide you every step of the way, taking you through the difficult situations and scenarios of motherhood.
All my knowledge and experience I will impart to you until you are ready to empower women and aspiring mothers.

This price is only here until 31 October 2020!

From $128 to $88 per month!

After which, the price goes up to $128 per month!

This is your chance now to start your journey towards becoming a Better You and Better Mum while saving more!

Oh, and wait!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect

In no particular order, the five areas we’ll be looking at are Self Care, Couple Care, Children Care, Parenting Care, Community Care!

So here goes…

✔ How to enjoy quality me time and not feel guilty about it (Self Care)
✔ ​Constantly upgrading your skillset (Self Care)
✔ Clear communication with hubby on matters (Couple Care)
✔ Partnership with hubby (Couple Care)
✔ ​How to handle children’s meltdown (Children Care)
✔ Stimulating creatively in children (Children Care)
✔ Dividing of roles in taking care of children (Parenting Care)

And there’s MORE!

YES! You’re also going to get a FREE physical copy of my book,
“A Gift From Heaven” delivered to your doorstep!

On top of the monthly coaching calls and gift, you will also receive:

  1. Recordings of all the coaching calls so you don’t have to worry of missing out. We are all busy mums with many commitments. So, if you missed any part of the calls or forgot what we went through in the call, every coaching call is going to be recorded for you so that you can view it at your own convenience. The recording is yours to keep for reference too! In case you might have missed out, I will personally send you a reminder to catch up.
  2. Access to my “Success Strategies Library” and stay up to date – You’re going to get hours and hours of my pre-recorded videos in my “Success Strategies Library” consisting of the 10 modules and more! You can look forward to more videos to come 😉
  3. Exclusive access to Facebook Community to stay close and connected with like-minded mums where ad-hoc sessions are held to keep you on track on your progress and make friends!

The journey of finding your rainbow after braving the storms is what truly makes our lives meaningful!

Life is too short to keep waiting.
Now’s the time to take charge and make the best of it,
because if not now, then when?

You are looking for a change.
You are looking for a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

You want a better lifestyle, a loving family, a cohesive unit.

Let's do this together!

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