Talking Point (TV)

I got this media interview invite through my personal blog, I hesitate to reply for a moment. It is not that I didn’t do media interview before but quite frankly, I got frightened off too. [...]

CNA Insider (Online)

There is this 1 closing question that was being asked but not shown in the show is: Q: In closing, what is the 1 thing that you want to tell your angel babies? A: In closing, Daddy and Mummy will [...]

On The Red Dot (TV)

It was an emotional and draining past week as I was part of an interview filming for the upcoming show – On The Red Dot aired on Channel 5. This program has been on running for a few years [...]

Rainbow Baby (Online)

Finally, I embraced my rainbow baby after a 2 years wait. What did I do correctly, how do I overcome against all odds? Married for 10 years, I finally conceived naturally and had my new born [...]

Book Interview (Video)

OMG!!! I can’t believe it. It is finally out, all thanks to Dr Martha for the opportunity. She is nice to help me filmed 2 other videos for my book introduction as well. 🙂 Well here you [...] (Online)

Got to know the founder of this website through a friend and thanks for his referral. I have come a long way, from book reviews, book launch to online portals, both online and offline medias. [...]

Mothernist (Online)

It has come a long way, 3 years since it first happen. This 2 years, I have been keeping myself busy, trying to keep fit and healthy. Exercising 2 – 3 times per week ranging from bike [...]

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