1st Publicity of A Gift From Heaven Book – Capital 95.8FM LIVE Interview (Radio)

I was having mixed feeling when I got a message from my poly friend this morning who remember today was suppose to be the EDD for my first son, Dominic Low. Yes, a leap day only once every 4 year. And so coincidentally, I was invited to be on radio interview for my rainbow baby, Titus Low. I am not sure is that consider a closure for me that things are going to be ok from now on?

More than 4 years have passed and with a newborn, I am thankful for this precious gift. Still being hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day, I strive to be my best for myself and for my baby.


Date and Time: 29th February 2016, 7.30pm – 8pm
DJ : Huang Shu Jun 黄淑君 & Mary Bukoh 玛莉

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