A Gift From Heaven Book Arrival!!

Yeah! My books have arrived! Another milestone, this time a happy occasion to celebrate my rainbow baby. It is a miracle baby, a gift indeed and how I conceive naturally after 10 years of marriage. What I did while waiting for 2 years… The journey has not been easy but indeed a rewarding one. Still, not the end of the tunnel yet as I start my motherhood journey, another new path for me. Though tiring, deprived of sleep, I am happy to be called a mum and a new added role on my shoulder. 🙂

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Book 3 Arrival

Photo Credit: Ashley Low Photography

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  • Kien Jean Tay

    I knew Felicia two years ago at a book launch event, she was sitting right next to me. We only get to know each other better when we follow-up over an idea exchange session later.

    I got her first book To Baby With Love and the second installment Lost and Found by hand together, as a younger man what could have been more pragmatic way of supporting her at that point?

    As I read through her first two books, I shared what I have read, which includes showing heartbreaking pictures with the only female in my family – my mum, to understand her situation better.

    It was till I saw new pictures of Felicia on facebook with her immediate family members, relatives and friends celebrating her new born baby, I quickly shown my mum the surprise pictures and shared the joyful incident with my parents.

    As a short conclusion to the trilogy up to A Gift From Heaven, her writing style with dates shown as how she progress reminded me of blogging. It takes strict discipline for one to maintain up-to-date blog, not to mention keeping detailed long story for each new day with different happenings.

    On one hand, the series served as a comprehensive guide to couples who are either still trying their best or in the midst of considering to have baby. It can also be a useful handbook for mothers who might have had or currently undergoing similar situations.

    In my opinion, we should never give up in life. Yes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Like what was printed on the bookmark attached in each book in the same series says, “when there is a will, there is a way”.

    Congrats once again, Felicia!

    – Mr Kien Jean Tay, Network Marketer

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