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Felicia Tan, the founder of Art of Life, is again being invited and sharing her true life story on how she deal with her grief for her children. Not ‘1 or 2’ but she lost ordeal of 3. How many of us will be able to dealt with these losses? How did she go through these sad and dark times? What did she do to bring back her courage?

With unfortunately and fortunately, Felicia signed up with Grief Recovery Method (GRM) which is run by Whispering Hope Singapore. This Programme is not explicitly Christian, but the facilitators in Singapore who are believers who have personally walked through grief and seek to help others.

Before GRM, Felicia turned to writing to cope with her grief. Writing it down helps her to embrace and come to terms with her losses.  With lots of blessings and love, she finally conceived for the third time as high-risk pregnancy. In June 2015, her Rainbow Baby Titus was born. Felicia had wrote and share her story on how to move forward till the Grief be Gone.

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