Vilomah Atma

A letter from this Facebook group:


Simply means “Against a natural order”.


Dear Felicia

The hardest journey made was the ride home. Your little companion was no longer there. Homecoming to an empty cot, the nursery looked quieter than it had ever been before. Yet, you did it twice, for your three fireflies.

It is the kind of bravery that only mothers who have endured the loss of their children would understand. We are sorry that you had to go through such heart wrenching pain. It must have hurt, to receive them wholeheartedly and then to lose them prematurely.

You must have loved them so deeply, and still missing them so dearly.

For them you grieved and cried constantly, as if the tears could never go away. At some point it became too tiring, nonetheless you continued on your journey. As the ride back home was not the end of the ordeal. You had your whole life to live still. Facing others without your fireflies, some may not acknowledge that you have had children. So you silently engraved their existence into your heart.

Perhaps someday there will be a reunion, with all three children waiting under a blossoming tree. The day will be sunny and bright, yet their faces would illuminate the entire sky. Would they recognise you as their mother? Definitely, as your name was already inscribed in their tiny hearts from the start.

You would want to live decently and magnificent in this life, so that you could honour your three little fireflies.

However we feel, the honour is theirs, for YOU were chosen to be Their Mother.

Welcome to this unspoken group of Vilomahs. Hopefully together, we will un-silence our grief and let the world know. we are the best kind of Mothers.



Vilomah Atma

Letter to Vilomahs

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