Talking Point (TV)

I got this media interview invite through my personal blog, I hesitate to reply for a moment. It is not that I didn’t do media interview before but quite frankly, I got frightened off too. In the previous media exposure, I wasn’t expecting myself to be the main story character of a 30 minutes show. I thought I will just be a 1, 2 minutes flash kind of stuff, an extra kind… However, after I agreed and realise much later, something else took over me instead of fear. That is to give Titus a complete story told from different family members perspectives. With that in mind, I agreed to do so despite the fear.

This time round, the topic is revolving another heavy weight theme – IVF. The producer had informed me that despite talking to a few people who agreed it is a good topic, but no one wants to appear on TV. I fully understand why so, because doing so is indirectly admitting that you or your hubby might have a fertility issue therefore having to resort to this route. Yet again, there is a good 30% of fertility issues that is attributed to unknown factors but being human beings, we tend to lay blame then to put the blame on unknown factors.

So once again, I am back behind the TV screen telling my story and getting emotional again. Not knowing where this might take me or whatever the outcome, I leave it to God who is the Over All in my life. Amen!


P.S It will be on Channel 5 hosted by Diana Ser and yes, I am being interviewed by her!! Damn, I forget to take picture with her. Will regret it till the end of my life.. Haha 🙂

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