Thinking of seeking a counselor to get over a miscarriage? Or are you wondering if you are ready to try to conceive again? Your thoughts are in fragments and you can't seem to put everything together?


Your search ends here.


Having experienced 2 miscarriages, I have helped others to connect with grief counselor and high risk gynecologist to help them with their thoughts and move forward with their desires.


So the question is why can't you go direct? Of course, you can! However, why didn't you or why is there the hesitation? This is where I come in and help you arrive at the conclusion that you wanted to create the little steps to move towards your goals!


The consultation is about an hour and you will receive a complimentary book written by Felicia at the end of the consultation.

Product Description

About the Felicia

Felicia had a simple dream – to be able to raise a family and spend time with her children. However, things did not went as planned. After encountering two miscarriages and successfully conceived naturally 10 years later, was not an easy feat for her. She now shares her experience on:

• How to successfully manage a fertility “roller coaster” and regain life quality
• How to replace fears and anxieties by relaxation during the fertility journey
• How to undergo fertility treatments and stay mentally and emotionally calm and relaxed throughout the process
• How to cope with early pregnancy challenges and prepare for a calm and safe birth
• How to cope with grief and loss after a miscarriage or a stillbirth

Additional Information

Time slot to choose from:

Weekday 9am – 12pm (Morning), Weekday 12pm – 2pm (Lunch Hour), Weekday 2pm – 6pm (Afternoon), Weekday 6pm – 8.30pm (Evening – $295), Weekend 8.30am – 2pm ($295)

Do you prefer to meet over:

Skype, Face to Face


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