Angel Gowns

I didn’t know sewing can be therapeutic until I attended a session of Angel Gowns. Seeing the complete gowns, my heart soften knowing that my twin babies didn’t had the chance to put on anything back then… I am glad that we are now finally picking up to help those who maybe grieving right now. Working along side with other volunteers, one of their hubby raise a question, “When will the sewing be finished?”. Sadly, it will never be finished, just like our grief, it will forever be staying in our hearts. It is just that as days go by, we get better at managing our grief and holding up to our usual self in front of everyone.

Angel Gowns - 1

Some people may have moved on, some may be here to stay, whichever the case, we did cross path at 1 point in time of our life. I am thankful for some volunteers who came after watching the tv show whom they themselves didn’t walk through this difficult journey but just want to show their support in this journey by contributing their time and effort in doing this. Indeed, words is not enough to express anything but all I can say out is, “Thank you.”. However, you have earned a special place in my heart to feel that indeed, 人间有爱.

Angel Gowns - 2

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