Recently, I heard from someone that said being an entrepreneur is to create something out of nothing. A very interesting way of saying but upon reflecting, it does make a lot of senses. When we become entrepreneurs, we start a business, create the company, and start building it. We have to establish new relationships with vendors, clients and even find new staffs for the company. Everything is created from ground up with nothing belonging to it except we, ourselves.

Having said that, it also means that the entrepreneur’s path is not an easy one. In fact, it is a lonely, challenging or even nerve wrecking at times. I recalled the many times when I was awake unable to sleep just wondering how do I solve the issues at hand or to deliver the goods to clients on time. It also means getting your hands dirty to get down to do the physical works but at this is rewarding if you like what you are doing.

Of course, it also come a time when you are burn out, still stuck in your current situation that you are wondering are you getting anywhere. At the end of the day, only you can justify if it is worth it or not. And only you can tell yourself have you give it your best shot! Another quote that I heard from someone just now:

I lived because I have experienced!

Though she was referring to something else but I believe it is appropriate here as well.

So I should leave it for your thoughts…

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