My Faith, My Rainbow Baby

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When I first started on this sharing journey, I wondered how I could share the same story but in different angles and different perspectives. Today, I have the third title created especially for this group of ladies with respect to the faith and the trying to conceive (TTC) journey. I have came a long way as well. It was not easy, more so for people who had been married for a few years already and have no children yet.

We start to get desperate, wondering when would our turn be. We wondered how will our lives be. All of sudden, we don’t seem happy anymore. We are just waiting for the miracle to happen but seems to be waiting for infinity. Suddenly the candle light dinners, the block buster movies just don’t light us up anymore. We are just bored with status cold and unable to move forward with the next milestone.

What is interesting was on this talk I delivered in about 20 minutes. However the Q&A is about 40 minutes, double the time that I talked. I surely hope I had address your concerns and likewise for them to move forward. For me, I am just happy that I pay it forward by sharing to more people who needed to hear this and be inspired.

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