Ground Ups Sharing Session

Ground Ups Sharing Session: How can your ground up better advocate for your cause?

I was invited to one of the first “Ground Ups Sharing Session” and had an insightful session where 3 speakers shared. They are from Prospr, PM Haze and Light of Hope founders. It targeted a few areas like how get the Media interest, how to work or talk with the corporate, what are the highs and lows in their journeys as well. It is direct, real and the challenges they faced and how it was like working in Social Enterprises (SE) or non profit organisations, with the only thing unchanged – their true heart of passion.

Indeed, it is not million dollar business deal, neither is it a sky rocket idea. However, it is with their true heart to better serve the community in the hope for a better tomorrow all for our future generations to come.

In their journeys, they faced multiple challenges: shortage of manpower, lack of funds, a voice to shout out, advocacy and many more. They got tired, disheartened, discouraged but never giving up and still going out day after day to work on it, to try again. I was really inspired by their heart of willingness, the heart to give all in the hope to better serve.

It is in this same spirit, I hope I can share with more people to better help them for a brighter tomorrow ahead…

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