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Hooray! I am a mummy or at least now I am a mother of 1. Then again, what’s next? The journey of motherhood just begun. There is no manual as everyone have different ways of taking care of a baby. How her baby feels and drinks differs from yours too. How would you know if you’re doing it the right way? To make it worse, everyone is asking you simply because you are the mum. You are in charge of this little human being that you call baby.

Just as you get to know this little baby, he or she is also learning to get know to you too. How to differentiate if he wants to sleep or drink milk. How your body responds to his cries and etc. It is interesting to see how important you are to be wanted. In fact, the number one priority is his life because of your breast milk that is if you do breastfeed on demand. Your life get upside down as you are there on demand every time and any time to be there for him and you start to feel weary, sleepy and wish that he can drink quickly and go back to his sleep. However, you also enjoy the intimacy, the special bond that you shared with your newborn that you can’t bear to put him down quickly after a feed. It is a very contradicting and mixed feelings that you have for him. On 1 hand, you wish that he can grow up quickly, on the other hand, you also wish that the stage will progress slowly so that you can enjoy the moment.

I guess that is the dilemma most new mummies had. When you are with him, you wished for some “me” time. When you are outside, you wonder how he is doing back home. For me, I started my own company with one aim, to have flexible hours so that I can be around for my children. Many of my friends commented that it was a perfect plan to balance both business and family. Such strategy did not happen by chance. As Winfrey Oprah said, “Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. The highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being.” With opportunity, we prepared ourselves and were ready to embrace it. So the question is, are you? Even if you think that you are, what about the people around you? Of course, people might feel otherwise, however I too believe if you are feeling so and doing what you plan to be, you will have that aura or vibes with you such that people around you can feel it.

Before I knew I was pregnant, a friend of mine spoke to me and said I was ready. She felt it and told me so. I was amazed and shortly after that, I was indeed pregnant. With that said, I would like to urge you to plan and execute. There is no perfect timing. So kick off, move on and fine tune it again and again till you get it right. Just like being a mummy, there is no one way to deal with it. Go with the flow, reflect and fine tune it. 🙂

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