What Value can I add?

Every time I have a doubt on myself on why am I doing this. What business model do I want to create. Someone will come along with a genuine need. I want to share openly and publicly with everyone who comes along, but for what seriously? It is to hope that for someone out there who faced such challenges to have an easier path despite it is going to be a rough journey ahead.

To hope that our next generation can have someone to guide them along, pass the information and knowledge down or at least point them some directions when they are lost. All for what reason? To hope that you can have a family that you wished for…

At the end of the day what do I get? Happiness, being called inspiring or courageous to share? That is not my aim. I am just trying to make a difference to someone’s life but still making a living here. As I am also a mum now trying to raise my son in the best way that I know. 🙂


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