You are Strong


I am going “live” for my event in hours to come. As I take my morning slow and calm, I recalled the conversation I had with a business coach and my Spiritual Parent (SP) few days back. At the end of a coaching session, the coach mentioned, every time you shared, you have to take note because you are re-opening old wounds again. I was shocked, how come a coach will know that? Even I came to realise it only recently, I guess it is based on the number of years of experience he had under his belt.

Same thing as I spoke to my SP, she mentioned, it should be ok as you are strong. Am I? I asked myself, I say I am just glad that I have friends like her supporting me. I think we never know how strong we are till adversity hit us. Indeed everyone has a story, is not what challenges we are faced but is how to overcome the challenges. I am glad that I have overcome mine, however more to come. Am I ready? Maybe yes, maybe no, however I know I am Strong, in fact all of us are…

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