Lost And Found Book Arrival!!

Finally, the books arrived yesterday, another closure. What’s next, I wonder. I definitely looked forward to another brand new chapter to start again soon. Still not forgetting to sell some books. This time round, hope to sell more books and reach out to more people. For those who have read it, please leave your comments or feedback here about the book. Likewise, I am preparing for a book launch. Stay tune to it. Hope you enjoy reading…

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Book 2 Arrival

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  • Chong FweeLin

    An inspiring book which journalled the journey of ups and downs of Felicia’s desire to be a mother! I just couldn’t stop to read this new book of hers and finished it within much delay.

    Felicia, I’m humbled by your courage and perseverance to go through the many procedures and pains. Indeed everytime I got to see you, you always present yourself a strong, steady and happy go lucky woman. Your journey touched me and it will also touched many who has and yet to read your new book.

  • R July Tang

    Hi Felicia,

    Thank you & I acknowledge your being & presence for putting out your parenting journey. As you’ve put it aptly, it’s a closure for you. I felt completeness in your writing and experience a sort of groundedness and completion.

    Your story had gave me another insight into how a completion of a relationship is rarely measured by time but by moments (the famous quote from Hilary Cooper). I thank you.

    Beyond best.

  • Ngan Nguyen

    Lost And Found is certainly an inspiring book and a ray of hope for couples, who are going through similar phase in their lives. It is where hope and love are bound together strongly to overcome all that emotional affliction.

    I am touched by your grit and determination through your parenting journey. As an old saying says after rain there is a rainbow, and after a ending there is a new beginning, I trust that your new beginning will be completed with a happy ending. Keep walking boldly, Felicia.

  • James

    Just finished reading both your books. Very touching and frank account. Really shows your determination and perseverance.

    Hope that you will be able to achieve all your goals during this lifetime eventually. All the Best!

  • Dawn Wang

    Hi Felicia

    Thank you I have received and finished reading the book and had just login to this account sorry for the late reply.

    Your book is definitely an encouraging one and I admire your courage very much. My hubby and I were also trying to conceive for nearly 4 years now and one day while I was surfing the net I chanced upon your blog. I’m also a believer of God and I believed is by God’s grace that He led me to you. We have just underwent our first IUI on Friday and am now keeping our faith that God will walk this journey with us and this cycle will be a successful one. Your story is an aspiring one to me and congrats to you! Will keep you in my prayers for a smooth delivery and looking forward to more updates on your blog.

    Dawn Wang

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